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​Story of Kouji

生産地 Place of Production

「米糀乃華」は麹屋が多く点在する富山県ならではの美味しい甘酒です。富山県の北東部に位置する朝日町 坂口屋醸造店にて手作業で造られています。

Kome Kouji-no-Hana" is a delicious amazake unique to Toyama Prefecture, which is dotted with many kouji malt manufacturers. It is made by hand at the Sakaguchiya Brewery in Asahimachi, located in the north-east of Toyama Prefecture.

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生産者 Producer

富山県麹協同組合に所属する坂口洋紀氏により 明治時代より受け継がれた技法により富山県東部に伝わる伝統的な糀甘酒を再現しています。 「米糀乃華」は伝統的な糀甘酒を再現し、風味、食感、色味を重視したが故に、常温保存ができない商品です。低温殺菌処理しています。


This is a reproduction of the traditional Amazake from the eastern part of Toyama Prefecture, made by Mr. Hiroki Sakaguchi who member of the Toyama Kouji Cooperative Association, using techniques handed down from the Meiji Era.

The "Kome Kouji-no-Hana" is a product that cannot be stored at room temperature because we have reproduced traditional Amazake and placed importance on its flavour, texture and colour. It is pasteurised.

It is a pure Kouji Amazake with a gentle, natural sweetness made only from one of Japan's leading rice malt ingredients, Koshihikari rice from Toyama Prefecture, and water from the Kurobe River system, which is melted snow water from the Tateyama mountain range.

No mixtures of any kind are added and salt e.t.c.

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生産方法 Production Method

明治時代から引き継がれた技術と共に、生産設備も自動化設備やステンレス容器などは使用せず 90年以上も使い込んだ杉の折(麹蓋:コウジブタと呼びます)や新鮮なもち米の稲藁を代表自身で編んだ菰(コモと呼びます)を用いることで発酵力の強い米麹造ります。

Along with techniques inherited from the Meiji era, the production facilities do not use automated equipment or stainless steel containers, but instead use cedar folds (called Koji-buta) that have been used for more than 90 years and straw straw (called Komo) woven from fresh rice straw by the representative himself to produce Kome-Kouji with strong fermentation power.

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米麹ができるまで How Kome-Kouji is produced



このように職人の目で確認しながら満遍なく種麹を米一粒ひと粒に行き渡らせることにより、バラツキの少ない そして発酵力の強い良質の米麹が出来ます。


During the approximately 70 hours from steaming the rice until the Kome-Kouji is made, the process of manually kneading the rice with Kouji is repeated three times.

By spreading the Kome-Kouji evenly over each grain of rice while checking it with the craftsman's eyes in this way, good quality Kome-Kouji with strong fermentation power is produced.

This laborious process results in Kome-Kouji, the source of delicious Amazake.

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米麹の完成 Completion of Kome-Kouji

麹室で60時間じっくり寝かせることで 米から白い小さな花が咲いたように米麹が完成します。

The Kome-Kouji is slowly laid down for 60 hours in the Kouji room, and the Kome-Kouji is completed as if a small white flower has bloomed from the rice.

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Nutrients produced by amazake



Rice is broken down by enzymes produced by koji mold and is a food rich in nutrients such as B vitamins, oligosaccharides, amino acids, glucose, dietary fibre and minerals. As the rice has already been broken down, it is easy for the body to absorb the rich nutrients, making it a suitable food for people who want to improve their intestinal environment, the elderly and people with reduced physical strength.

Amazake is a non-alcoholic beverage with 0% alcohol content and is a delicious age-free food, from weaning food for small children to nursing food for the elderly.

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Delicious ways to enjoy Amazake










​ ほうじ茶や抹茶、紅茶と混ぜて頂いても美味しいです。


a."Kome Kouji-no-Hana" can be served either cold  or warmed.

 If you want to warm it up, warm it up to the desired temperature by boiling water.

 (Do not warm it up to more than 60 ℃.)

b.Please drink it straight as it is.

c. Amazake goes well with citrus fruits and strongly acidic fruits.

 (Add a little orange juice, kiwi fruit or Passion fruit and black tea.)

d. Amazake goes well with dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and ice cream.

 It can also be chilled and served as a sherbet.


e. Mix with cinnamon, soybean powder or cocoa       powder as a sweets.

   It is also delicious mixed with hojicha, matcha and black tea.


f. When you feel sleepy while working or studying,   it can help to clear your head.

 When you are hungry, a cup of Amazake can help you to feel full and satiated.

 It is also useful for preventing overeating. 

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パンフレット Brochure

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